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It is the desire of Inland Empire IMRG 2045 officers to promote friendship and goodwill and to enhance the lives of its members and all motorcycle riders and passengers.

Inland Empire IMRG 2045 Membership

We seek motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to get the most from owning a motorcycle and make friends along the way. We welcome all motorcycle riders or passengers whether you own an Indian, Victory, or other motorcycle brand. Rides are scheduled for every first Sunday of the month and meetings are held every first Wednesday. We invite you to attend either a ride or meeting.

There are two different types of membership: Rider or Passenger. Each receive a chapter patch, chapter t-shirt, and a membership card. Members also receive exclusive discounts, invites to members only events, and voting privileges.

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Nick Selle


Welcome to IMRG2045. I’m Nick. I have been on 2 wheels since I was about 3 years old. I grew up enjoying weekend rides on the back of my dad’s Honda 750 and couldn’t wait to get a bike of my own. At 14, I bought my first dirt bike and have been hooked ever since. I grew up riding everything from full motocross, open desert, dual sport, super bikes and cruisers. Riding has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I purchased my Indian Chieftain Dark Horse in January 2019 and have loved riding more every day since.

Being on a bike is the best feeling in the world; it is the one thing that makes problems disappear. I have come to learn that no matter what you ride, we all feel the same wind and enjoy the same feeling of freedom. From the old timers that have the most outrageous stories, to the newbies that are always eager to learn and ask questions, I feel like we are all a family on 2 wheels. As elected President I am always eager to meet new people, and always do my best to ensure that we all enjoy safe, fun and exciting rides. I encourage you to come ride with us, and I look forward to meeting you and enjoying a great time!

Carlos Monterrey

Vice President

Hello, I'm Carlos I purchased my first Motorcycle at 17. I told my Mom that it was a project and I was helping a friend fix his motorcycle. Months passed and I got the bike running (it was a barn find) obviously as a 17 year old, I didn't have the money to get it running fast enough. One day I came home from school and my mom was waiting at the dining table with the bike registration.... The conversation (yelling) came to “it’s either the bike or you leave”... I had lots of good friends that let me couch surf. Fast-forward to now, many miles and bikes later, I own a Scout Sixty, and a Roadmaster Elite. I love Indian Motorcycle’s stylish looks, and reliable engines, the low center of gravity and the easiness of stepping into the dealerships and being treated with respect and as a friend.

For me riding motorcycles is not a passion or a hobby its a lifestyle. Riding brings a lot mental peace and stability, when I'm feeling down, upset, anxious, I’ll get on one of my “girls” and to the open road it is. All of a sudden, clarity replaces all the fogginess and thoughts become clear and concise. As an IMRG elected officer I enjoy meeting new members and planning rides. Most of all, I enjoy being part of a group that cares about its members on and off the road. I have come to meet excellent individuals with whom I've stablish tight bonds and I now call friends, if you'd like to join our group come by, or just ride with us. 

Pat Haninger

Sergeant at Arms

Hello, I’m Patrick, I started riding motorcycles at  the age of 10. My first motorcycle was  Hodaka Super Rat that my dad brought home so my brothers and I could learn to ride. I quickly learned that riding not only came easy to me, but I loved it. Many hours were spent riding any where I could. I then bought a 125 motorcycle which I started racing. My skills were learned from many years of off roading and racing. I bought my first street bike at age 17 and started to experience the real freedom and enjoyment of riding. I currently ride a Victory Cross Country. I became a  member of IMRG in 2019 and found a group of riders that also love to ride.  As the Sergeant at Arms I really work  hard at keeping our rides safe and  enjoyable. I've met many great people and have developed lasting friendships. Come and ride with us and experience a safe organized and fun ride. 

Mike Bailey

Road Captain / Chaplin

Hi! Michael Bailey here. I started riding motorcycles at the age of 8. I would ride my own Rupp, or ride in front of my dad on his Honda, Elsinore MT 250. I learned the controls on his bike before he bought an Honda XR 75 with the exhaust pipe higher than the rear fender and it was set for racing and had 5 gears. Soon enough I was tall enough to ride the Elsinore by myself.

After college I purchased a KTM EXC 250 and started ripping the desert with two of my friends. During the pandemic my wife and I decided that we would pull the trigger and get a big bike to tour on. She purchased our 2021 Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse and no one will let me forget it’s her bike.

For me, riding is more than a passion or hobby, it is my freedom. On the bike all my troubles melt away, and I gain a sense of clarity I cannot get anywhere else. To travel on the road on our motorcycle we are gaining an experience you cannot get in the average car.

The local IMRG group appointed me as the Chaplain and I am proud to call my sisters and brothers more than friends they are family. Join us for a ride and please introduce yourself to me.

Richard Kuybus

Road Captain

Hi my name is Ricardo Kuybus Jr
Born August 16,1972 In John Wesley Hospital Los Angeles Sibling of five. I’m a Navy Veteran from 1991-1993 I was on the USS Belleau Wood I LHA 3. I Visited many countries for Military service and Work.

I Started riding motorcycles at the tender age of 15. I once rode a 1982 550 Suzuki from LA to Tucson none stop at the age of 24. I don’t ware shorts while ridding a motorcycle anymore, lesson learned. 
I own a 2020 Indian Roadmaster Classic and listen to Rock while riding.  My Hobbies are Tennis, Golf, long distance riding, collecting challenge coins and beer stein’s.  I enjoy feeding humming birds.  Coffee is my mantra.  I like competition shooting. I’m plague by sarcasm and dry humor. I am always multitasking in my head.  I enjoy the company of friends.  I’m always interested in learning new things whenever they come my way. I plan on visiting all 50 states someday. I’ll retire in five years, but will try to keep busy with a part-time job, maybe,  I’m bilingual (Spanish) I’m terrible with names most of the time. You can count on me 99% of the time , The other 1% I’m sleeping . I’m a handyman by heart.  I’m usually early most of the time.  Life is too short to be upset.

Miguel Perez

Road Captain

Hello everyone, my name is Miguel Perez. I have always wanted to continue riding as an adult after I took care and rode over a dozen motorcycles of all brands and sizes in 1996-1999. I got lucky those 3 years from a bunch of friends that graduated from high school before I did and left me to babysit their bikes as they took off to Serve and to college. They showed me how to turn them on, how to shift, and where the clutch and brake were, and they said if you break anything just fix it by the time we get back.

Let me tell you it was fun and thankfully I never had an accident. As a married adult and father, I didn’t have time to enjoy owning a motorcycle, until my Betsy told me to go out and buy a bike before I am too old to jump on it. So, in May of 2019 I purchased my beautiful Scarlet – 2018 Indian Chief Dark Horse. I love riding and it is a feeling you cannot explain to people. One of my most favorite rides is a full moon ride at night through open back roads. Stay posted on MeetUp and we will announce the ride now that winter is almost gone.

I joined the IMRG2045 group straight from its birth and to ride in such an open riding group is just a candid experience for anyone. From day one I noticed how everybody was on the same playing field and as a new group rider it was so comforting to know that these more experienced riders were always looking out for me and you. From the routes that they chose to the road captains to making sure, we the riders. were always looked after. The number of destinations I have learned about from riding with the group that did not exist in my own back yard is just amazing.

See you soon.

Robert Pennington

Road Captain

To get started, I’d like the thank Greg Jefferies for inviting me into the riders group. I’ve gained nothing but skills, experiences and great friends from it. Growing up, anything with a motor on it always had my attention and still does. 2 wheels started for me when I was about 9 years old with a home built mini bike. I rode that thing around with one hand on the handle bar and the other pulling a shoestring tied onto the throttle because my cable broke. As time went on I enjoyed 3 wheelers, Go-Ped’s & ATV’s. In 2018 I went over to HYR/Indian Motorcycles to purchase my Indian Chieftain Limited. Previously, I have never rode a full size bagger before. That’s when Inland Empire Riders Group came into play with many skilled riders and the opportunity to experience your motorcycle in a group ride setting. Riding with a group, you get the shop talk. You get to see parts on others bikes that you may be interested in. Mainly it was the skills to handle the bike on roads I would probably not venture down on my own. This is what IMRG has been for me. Looking forward, I would like to take more multiple day destination rides and maybe some “moto camping” in between. Last year I was voted in to become a Road Captain. I accepted and enjoy the shared responsibility of taking care of the group while maintaining safety in collaboration with the other Road Captains. Also getting to help out on Demo Day rides when Indian brings all the new bikes out for everyone to ride. I look forward to seeing new places and new faces. Come out on a ride with the group, burn a tank of gas while enjoying the scenery. Everyone is always welcome.

Conrad Lucero

Road Captain

John Yarbrough

Road captain

Britta Bailey


Greg Jefferies

Founder / Former President

Judi Jefferies

Co-Founder / Former Secretary and Treasurer


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